Day 4



"He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins."

// Colossians 1:13-14

Delivered. Transferred. Sounds like a done deal to me, what about you?

If the Gospel is true, if this good news of already having “redemption, the forgiveness of sins” is true, and we are already in Christ, what does that mean for our current struggles in life? If there’s a sin or character issue with which we struggle, are we struggling to obtain forgiveness and trying to change? Or are we believing the Gospel, believing in what is already ours, and stepping into freedom that’s already provided to us? See, sometimes the way we pray suggests we are trying to get God to do what He has already done. What if, instead of petitioning God to re-do what He has done, we instead open our eyes to see what has transpired, according to the goodness of His heart toward us?

When we struggle with darkness in our lives, we really are struggling to come into the grace and truth that has already delivered us, moving into the light of the Truth: Jesus’ very own life. We struggle into the faith that we are already forgiven, that we already have redemption in that area of our lives. The forgiveness has already been paid for, and the redemption has already been provided, so ours is truly a struggle simply to appropriate the truth about His grace to that area of our lives. We get out of sin and darkness, not by fighting against them head-on, but by turning to Jesus and believing the truth He speaks to us, submitting to the grace He already makes present to our lives.

“Where sin abounds, grace superabounds,” meaning that there is already grace, like a huge gift, set right in the area of our hearts where we presently struggle with sin. With the Holy Spirit, we learn to unpack that grace, opening up the truth it contains. Through that gift of grace and truth, we get a DNA download from the Father to become what He says is already true about us, in Christ. We displace sin by the superabounding grace already available to us. So God, in our experience of life, upgrades our lives to match the truth about us that He already knows to be true, for it’s true about us in Christ, and we are already in Christ, for God put us in Christ when we believed on Him.

This is how heaven invades the earth of our lives, advancing His kingdom and manifesting His will— that will being to show us His rich mercies and immeasurable grace, producing an indomitable joy in us.