We are so excited to announce the launch of our Family Dinner Parties on Wednesday, July 26th! Meeting every Wednesday at 6pm, Family Dinner Parties are for parents and children so that families can come together to share a meal, grow in faith and build community every week.

Families bring something so vital to the church — we are meant to be the living example of the Father's heart for His children. When families come together, movements are born and the Good News of who Christ is in us is shared, impacting our social circle and the world!

To sign up for our Williamsburg or Bushwick Family Dinner Parties, click below! We'd love to help you get connected and look forward to hosting you and your family!



Next Baby Dedication Sunday // September 2017

Baby Dedications are a special moment where we welcome kids into the C3 family—and dedicate as a church to praying, loving, encouraging and supporting them. Sign up today to find out more!