DAY 16

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” 

Romans 8:28, 31


Hope is one of the greatest benefits we receive as children of God. Often underrated, overlooked or outshone by its heavyweight counterparts faith and love, hope is one of the most powerful assets we have been gifted in the journey of life.

We can think of hope as our lifelong safety net, our free insurance policy, our back up plan when things don’t go as we think they should. Because we have hope, we need not react or lash out with anger or fear at a negative occurrence or person – we know that if we wait on God, He can steer any situation in our favor. With hope, we can confidently say our best days are ahead.

But what happens when tragedy strikes? What are we to say when the unforeseen, the unthinkable happens to a loved one? What are we to do when life takes an unexpected turn and we’re left in pieces, our plans shattered and our hearts broken?

These are the times in our lives when supernatural hope truly goes into action. In moments like these, hope emerges from the dust to stand on our behalf and cling to the Word of God for dear life. Like the sun that unrelentingly breaks through every night, hope enables us to rise each morning, steadfast in the knowledge that our God is with us. On days when we feel like we cannot go on, hope graciously embraces and sustains us, pointing to a God who loves, cares, understands and promises that everything will be ok.

God does not cause every circumstance, but He can work with and through any circumstance. Our God would never shatter our dreams and He would never break a promise. By His all-knowing, all-seeing power, He can – and does – make all things new and bring forth beautiful things from dust.

With the frayed threads of our stories and lives He weaves an elaborate tapestry, more beautiful than we could have anticipated and more complex than we have the capacity to design. From the sharp fragments and vicious shards of our broken dreams He crafts a grand masterpiece; a beautiful, original artwork stamped with His mark. Each masterwork, as displayed by our testimony, serves to tell the world of His glory, His unrelenting love, His grace, His almighty, magnificent nature and His salvation power.

Things don’t always work out as we had hoped. But we can put our hope in Him. We can live every day with great confidence in our Father, who is deeply concerned about us and about the things that matter to us. We can rest in the truth that His great power is always active behind the scenes, working consistently on our behalf. We can look forward to seeing and experiencing the handiwork of the One who exchanges beauty for ashes, breaths life into dead circumstances, and designs a great legacy for every life submitted into His care. 

Alicia Hosking