How have you seen God’s grace bring value in your life?
If I could describe my identity of self as a denim jacket — depression, anxiety and doubt were the bold, decorative patches hand-stitched onto the sleeves and panels. The patches overpowered the garment and spoke for me when engaging with others. Re-encountering and receiving God’s grace completely altered my identity. What were previously patches of pain are now threads of purpose — my badges of overcoming! I recognize the similarly designed and stitched struggles in others with whom I can share joy and freedom. My value wasn’t discovered through the removal of my past struggles, but in the delivery through them!

How have you come to see yourself as HIS DAUGHTER?
Being a daughter who walked away for a time, I was reluctant to truly see myself as His. While I thought I was easing my way back “home,” I attended Daughters conference last year — new to C3 and not really knowing anyone yet. Throughout that weekend, I was given the word redemption. My own shame and self-criticism kept me from recognizing that my Father had a place for me at His table — not at Table 11 in the back. It was already set; I just needed to take it. My life and view were forever changed: I am HIS daughter, loved and redeemed.

What does identity as a Daughter mean to you?
A daughter of a king is a royal princess, in line to become queen — every fairy tale teaches us this, right? The entire realm is empowered to protect and serve her, and her value and beauty are legendary. Her worth is entirely dependent upon that of her father’s as she becomes a direct reflection of him. As a Daughter of the Most High God, my worth has nothing to do with my own merit or effort, but is a direct reflection of His perfect goodness. Everything I do and every opportunity I have is because of Him. I have worth because He is worthy. I am loved because He is love. My greatest honor is to be His reflection!

How do you keep your value focused on what God says about you instead of what the world says about you?
This is a daily process! I wrote this out, and it’s placed near my mirror (a source where earthly views and expectations abound), and I’ve recently begun to say it aloud and not just read in my head. As Daughters, how powerful would it be if each of us committed to speaking these truths over our lives, and into the lives of our sisters daily?!

I am ENOUGH in Christ.
I am LOVED with a perfect love.
I am a work in PROGRESS.
I have a PURPOSE within his plan.
I am FREE from shame and depression.
I am NOT ALONE — I have brothers and sisters to share this life.