1. How has God enabled you to be an overcomer?
Perspective is our most powerful weapon to overcome the things we face in life, and that’s exactly why God gave us His word. So much of what I’ve gone through personally has felt like the end of the world, but God has never failed to lead me to scripture where I find the truth about my pain and the truth about God’s grace in my suffering. He brings me peace, strength, resilience and comfort to overcome — so long as I fix my eyes on him.

2. How do you rely on God's strength each day?
I often wake up feeling completely inadequate or even just unwilling to press through and accomplish what God has for me. My most frequent prayer — which I learned from a worship leader I know — is ‘Lord I can’t, but You can. Thank You, amen.’ The truth is, there is nothing I don’t need God for because the world and everything in it is completely out of my control. But God has access to everything in this world. And he has the ability to work it in our favor for His glory. Every day I keep fighting toward God’s purpose for me. But I don’t let myself forget that it’s actually Him who is fighting for me.

3. How do you find grace for yourself, when you don’t feel like an overcomer?
It usually goes something like this: I close my eyes and think of God. I see myself on His lap, looking into His eyes. I open my mouth to tell him how weak and sorry I am, but before I can even get a word out, His love silences my disappointment, fear and self-pity. He laughs and says, “We just talked yesterday…have you already forgotten my grace?” After so many years of counting my wrongs and rights, I refuse to have to be perfect because it’s not in my reach. With that truth embedded in my spirit, God’s grace flows like a river, continually washing away my impurities and cleansing me. This grace-flow refines me day by day. Who am I to deny myself of the incredible gift Jesus died for?

4. Jesus overcame the world so that we may have peace — when do you feel that peace show up the most in your life?
Peace shows up when I acknowledge that while the world is not my control, God’s got it all covered. God’s peace doesn’t take away the knowledge of a bad circumstance, it just puts it into perspective. God’s own peace comes from knowing that he is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-loving, and that He has the world in his hands. So if we are to adopt that peace and have it for ourselves, we must acknowledge the truth of who God is.