When was a time where you were far off and God found you?

It’s so amazing to think that God strives to find us! I was lost my entire life in ways I was not even aware of – what’s funny is that we define “lost” by big issues, battles or bad happenings in our lives. I was captive to the thought that I had it pretty good. How naïve! “Pretty good” isn’t worth anything without Jesus as the foundation. No matter where I thought I was, He found me by showing me that I actually was very lost, and that true success and value is in Him first – that “far off” is all the same level of “far off” without Him.

I lived in excess and never held myself accountable for it. I had rollercoaster experiences with temporary inspiration and fulfillment – with a defining side dish of people pleasing. This pattern led to constant confusion. When He found me, He pulled me back instantly. God directed me away from behaviors that I branded as “no big deal”, and revealed to me how they were harmful. He thrusted me into a foreign life of self-control. It was such a real and powerful experience that I could not resist His embrace, and no longer wanted to. That’s how specific He was with me – I suddenly had (and still have) conviction over the exact actions that held me back from His freedom, clarity, joy and satisfaction. Encountering Him was so radical and instant, and I have not been confused since. I am thankful every day.

How has God shaped your identity a Daughter since you were found?

He first showed me how I constantly need Him: that mountains which I deemed impossible to climb, the Holy Spirit gave me the divine courage to practically skip over. He constantly reminds me to keep my eyes on His son - the benefits of doing life with Jesus are immeasurable and undeniable. He never leaves. After God happily proved Himself to me, there is absolutely nothing I want separate from Him. His potential and His plan is far more purposeful than anything I could envision on my own. We are both pretty thrilled now that He has my attention!

It’s an exciting process to relearn how to live with God in every inch of your life. I just want to become the woman He created, versus being committed to who I thought I was – letting go and allowing change is letting Him work, but is also not always easy. So far I find that I can be bold in a ways I never was before. I understand that happiness changes, but His joy is permanent and remains. I know that He is strengthening me in the face of emotions. I have learned that love is a choice; that He is alive; that every step is a part of the process; that I have authority; that grace is so powerful and also hard to grasp sometimes; and that we are not found only once.

Serving Him has completely revamped what I know life to be, and there is so much more to learn. The journey has just begun!