As Daughters of God, meaning every woman on planet earth, we are of immense value to God. As a mother I know first-hand how valuable my children are to me, I would truly sacrifice my life for them! God feels the same for you and me, as we are His daughters. His love for us is all-sacrificial, and it extends through time into eternity; it transcends spiritual and natural realms, and it is unending, unbreakable, the strongest force in the universe — the Love of God! His love for us shows us our value. We are incredibly valuable to our Father — actually, nothing is of more value to Him than His billions of sons and daughters. He sacrificed His Son Jesus so He could spend eternity with all of us, and so we could share the joy of life with Him on planet earth!


God loves your personality, your beauty, your style, your humor, your laugh, your smile; He even loves your cute unique quirks — He actually gave them to you! He loves your heart; His heart breaks when you’re in pain and when His kids hurt one another because of the brokenness in the world.

He really loves it when you start to see the world the way He does and help your siblings (His other billions of kids) find His love and find out who He created them to be. God values and believes in you so much that He would entrust such a task, His heart for people to know Him, into your capable hands. He trusts that you’re able to point them to Him and tell them what He’s like. He trusts that you’ll listen to Him; He has so much He wants to share with you!

You, my friend, are of immense value to God. The question is not one of value, the true question is: Will you believe how valuable you are to Him and begin to show others how valuable they are to Him?