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Jesus replied to him, “Simon, I have something to say to you.” “Teacher,” he said, “Say it.”

Luke 7:40

Whatever we think privately, Jesus still has something to say about it.

In one thought Simon dishonored Jesus and judged a fellow human being. It’s not the amount of thoughts we have but the quality of our thoughts that will determine the way we worship Jesus and the way we love others. Thoughts are the hidden root system of our human lives. They are hidden, but they will soon be revealed in the quality of life seen aboveground. The first and most important thought is what we think about Jesus. This is the central root system of our life.

Jesus was not going to let this thought slip by. This thought had the appearance of wisdom, but Jesus saw through it and knew this was causing a lack of life to the whole tree. Life is measured in our love for Jesus and for others. We can look alive on the outside, but it is our inner judgements that show true life. Jesus loved Simon and loves us enough to not let our judgmental and dishonoring thoughts go by unnoticed.

What would Jesus say to your inner thoughts? Are there root systems and hidden areas in our thoughts towards God and others that need the word of Christ? We need to hear the thoughts of Jesus towards our thoughts. Simon was soon going to have a whole new perspective on Christ and also on this woman he considered to be lesser than himself. Through a story, Jesus was going to uproot this wrong view that existed in Simon’s life. The words of Jesus are sharp, living and active. They are not idle towards us, but if we say yes, Jesus will speak to these destructive thoughts and replace them with thoughts of life that will produce new actions of love and grace towards others.

Jesus has something to say—and it’s deeper than a Christian cliche, it’s stronger than religious rhetoric, it’s more powerful than self-awareness. May we let Jesus speak to our inner thoughts today and everyday, to bring new life. May we cut off wrong thinking and wrong believing so that wrong living would be transformed into right living.

Jesus has something to say, and it’s full of life-giving freedom. His words drip with love, power and grace. One word from Jesus can overcome a million wrong thoughts in our human minds. One word received with humility from Jesus has the grace within it to save our every thought. Let’s be transformed by the renewing of our mind today.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey