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For it is just like a man who was about to take a journey, and he called his servants together and entrusted them with his possessions. To one he gave five talents, to another, two, and to another, one, each according to his own ability; and then he went on his journey.

Matthew 25:14-15


The currency of the Kingdom is grace. Within that grace He has given us the full potential to possess all that He has for us. Jesus gives us everything that He is, but it all comes in seed form—it is never fully grown. Many people speak about the parable of talents through the lens of ability or gifting, and that is one area of grace where we can apply this parable. But there is a bigger arc to this parable and a deeper meaning Jesus was intending for us to see as believers.

The talents represent grace. The servants did nothing to earn these talents, but each was given them freely. The master left them to decide how they would use the talents. The master entrusted to them something that was truly valuable to him. One talent today would be close to the equivalent of $1.25 million. So this was not spare change. It would most likely be a large percentage of this master’s wealth.

The master knew these servants well. He was not unaware of their ability because he divided up his possessions amongst them based on his knowledge of them.

He has given you His possessions. The Creator of this universe has given us His wealth, in the form of grace. The word “entrusted” means to deposit or invest. God has freely deposited into your life something so valuable.

These servants were earning a penny a day–minimum wage–and a servant in those days would work very hard and long days. In one moment these workers went from slave-like laborers to millionaires. Each of them would never have to work another day of their lives because the master entrusted or invested His possessions into their care.

God has entrusted you with riches beyond compare. How does that change the way you approach today? Are we humans living as slaves to this world or humans fully alive to His joy and life?

A fresh revelation of His glorious grace is needed today for us to live as humans who are fully alive. What has He entrusted to you today?

// Pastor Josh Kelsey