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He who had received the five talents went at once and traded with them, and he made five talents more.

Matthew 25:16


These slaves went from poverty to dripping in wealth overnight: the master distributed to them different measures of wealth. Compared to what any of them earned previously, each of them received immeasurable riches. And you would think the servant with the five talents would relax a little, given the amount of wealth he now had—about $6.25 million. He no longer needs to work as a slave in the field, for he is now a manager of millions of dollars.

When God gives grace, He gives it liberally. He is aware of the debt of sin. He is aware we work tirelessly as slaves to sin, earning pennies a day to try and pay a debt of millions. Jesus gives us grace according to what we need, so we never work for righteousness again.

The first servant was wise. The Bible says he “went at once”—but not back out to the field. There was no delay in putting the talents to work. The grace that God has given you is meant to be put to work, straightaway. We should immediately begin to trade in this currency of grace. Where we are used to being slaves in the field of self-righteousness and trying to make up for our wrongs, we can now live in the spiritual freedom by His grace.

The more we use grace, the more it is multiplied. This servant who is now financially free begins to trade and invest, so he doubles his wealth. The grace that you have access to through Jesus Christ is in your hands now to be reinvested and used in every situation. This grace has been made available for your failures, your pride, your sins, your heart, your mind, your life, your relationships—to those around you and in all your circumstances. Your marriage needs grace, so invest it today. Your kids need grace; invest it today. You might start to think you will run out, but the more you invest this grace, the more it multiplies.

Don’t delay. Use the grace He has given you at once.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey