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Likewise the one who had two made a profit and gained two more. But the one who had received the one went and dug a hole in the ground and hid his master’s money.

Matthew 25:17-18


All of us humans can resonate with this third servant. We live like him everyday. Like that servant, we’ve been given grace freely but do not always apply faith daily or use this gift of salvation, this millionaire grace.

We are the “richest slaves”—we are wealthy in every way but living like slaves. We've been given grace to set us free from a life of servitude to sin. We have access to perfect love by grace, yet we tend to be slaves to lust. We have access to peace, yet we are slaves to anxiety. We have access to hope, yet we are slaves to fear about our futures.

When we bury our grace like this third servant, we have to work for something that was given to us for free. We spend our lives trying to earn right standing before God, all while our Master has given us His very own righteousness for free. We have been given every spiritual blessing in Christ Jesus for free and yet we spend our lives as spiritual slaves.

We could be forgiving others, but we only have enough pennies of forgiveness to get us through another day, because we've buried our grace underground. We have enough grace to invest into others and bring forgiveness wherever we go, yet when we are faced with the need to forgive, we can turn to bitterness and offense because the grace needed for that situation is buried in a hole.

Have you buried His grace? The grace He gave us for salvation is the same grace we can use everyday to invest and deposit into every situation and relationship. The difference-maker is faith. The first two servants risked the master’s investment wisely, and it multiplied. The last servant went to doubt, and the money was never used. Paul says in Ephesians 2:8 that we were saved by grace when we believed through faith. Grace is available for everyone, but the question is: will you bury it or will you have faith to apply it and appropriate it?

To not use grace with faith is to bury grace and go back to living like a slave when the riches of the Creator of the universe are available to us for free.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey