And he told them many things in parables, saying: “A sower went out to sow.”

Mark 4:3


Jesus sits down and teaches many parables to a large crowd in a natural amphitheater area near the sea of Galilee. He begins to teach a parable that helps us understand all other parables and the importance of His Kingdom. He reveals that He is not just trying to tickle our ears with nice stories but rather bring about a transformation of our human hearts. Our hearts are the seedbed of God’s love. And to this end Jesus shows us that He is the sower of seed—the farmer who is scattering seed.

Jesus comes to our hearts with a purpose. He is never a farmer who is found without seed. His seed is always good; there is nothing wrong with the seed. The seed represents the good news of His Kingdom. He has come to plant His Kingdom in our hearts. The seed will not produce weeds nor will it not produce a crop in our lives with which we will be disappointed. It’s a seed of good news.

He moves towards our hearts as a farmer with purpose. He sees the potential in every heart. He does not want our hearts to be barren, or unsatisfied, or fail to bear fruit; but rather Jesus sees our hearts with the potential to carry a harvest of righteousness.

He does not come to sow fear, condemnation, guilt, shame. He comes to sow love, hope, faith, life and life in abundance.

The seed’s quality has never been in question because this farmer is very particular with the type of harvest He desires. The question is: what is the condition of the soil? How is your heart today? Are you ready to receive His good news with humility and teachability? The sower is ready, and the seed is plentiful, but is our soil ready?

// Pastor Josh Kelsey