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Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. He who has ears, let him hear.

Mark 4:8-9


In the Old Testament we see a story in Genesis 26 where Isaac is faced with a famine in the land and opposition from the Philistines. The land was dry because of the lack of rain and the great wells that had been dug by Isaac’s father had been blocked by his enemies, the Philistines. Isaac was about to go down to Egypt for help—Egypt represented the world’s ways and systems—but God appeared to him and said to not go down there. The Lord told him to sow in the land that he was in, Abraham’s land—his father’s land. It didn’t look like good soil, for there was no rain and no wells. Good soil doesn’t mean ready-made. Good soil is wherever we are right now.

Our lives may be a famine of God’s love. Our lives may have no well of the Holy Spirit right now. But the best soil for the gospel is a heart that hears and obeys. God is not asking us to perfect the condition of our heart before we can receive His word. He just wants a willing and listening heart that needs Him.

Isaac could have not listened to the Lord and gone to Egypt anyway. It was tempting to go the easier route, and he could have thought he knew better than God. But Isaac listened and sowed in the land where he was, and he obeyed God. The Bible says that Isaac received a crop a hundredfold times what he sowed.

Good soil is a listening heart. Good soil is any soil that is open to receive. No matter how dry or how bad the famine is, it’s God’s job to bring the rain, and it is our job to open our ears to hear. The soil in Isaac’s land had the potential, but it just needed rain. Your heart has the potential, it just needs grace. God gives grace to the humble. The humble heart receives the seed, and God pours out the grace which that soil needs to produce the crop.

Is your heart listening today? Or are you tempted to go to Egypt to produce a crop?

I pray we would be like Isaac and trust that right where we are right now is where God wants to sow His Kingdom if we are willing to listen and obey. The return will occur. The fruit of His love will be produced. No work of the enemy to stop the wells and no circumstance of a drought can stop this seed. All this seed needs is a heart with ears to hear.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey