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Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. He who has ears, let him hear.

Mark 4:8-9


When we have hearts that hear the word and receive it with faith, the seed will produce. The seed is looking for soil that wants the seed. Your heart has the potential to receive; it just needs grace—and grace comes to the humble. It is the humble heart receives the seed, and God pours out the grace that soil needs to produce the crop.

But what does this seed produce in our lives? Jesus in this parable uses the analogy of grain. This grain could be used to produce bread, a product that was necessary for the survival and sustenance of those who would of been listening to Jesus. They would have understood how important this crop was to the village and towns that survived off this farmer’s harvest.

In the same way, when we let the seed of God into our hearts, which is Jesus Christ, we are welcoming a harvest into our lives that will produce a crop of grain a hundredfold, sixty or thirty-fold what was originally sown in seed. This grain in our life will be harvested and turned into fresh bread for those around us. Jesus is called the Bread of Life, meaning He sustains and gives life to us.

This Bread makes humans fully alive. This Bread gives us the energy and sustenance to do all He has called us to do. This Bread of Life feeds the hungry souls in our cities who are craving love and identity. So many humans are famished and starving for meaning and purpose. The seed of this gospel in our lives will produce love that will feed many. A seed may seem insignificant to look at, but ask a farmer and his family if the seed is insignificant.

Everything in the Kingdom of God starts with what seems insignificant. Don't be afraid to receive the seed that God has for your life and start with what seems like nothing—but to God is everything.

The seed will produce and it won’t produce just for you. It will produce love for many.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey