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The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.

Matthew 13:44


The Kingdom is so valuable. Jesus describes it as a treasure. This description would’ve really hit home for the disciples listening. Every town would have had stories of men finding hidden treasures buried hastily during war time, or buried because there were no banks for many people to keep their wealth safe. The disciples, like many men their age, would have been on the lookout for this kind of treasure.

For the man who found the treasure, it was a big deal. It would have meant no more working. He would quickly leave the work that probably earned him next to nothing, so he could now live off the wealth of this treasure. The man knew he could not to afford to buy the treasure, but if he sold everything he had, he could afford the field that the treasure was in.

We cannot afford the grace of God. This grace found in His Kingdom is priceless and matchless. No man can afford to own or earn this treasure.

But the man could afford to convince the landowner to sell him the piece of land where he reburied the treasure so the owner would not know it was there. It seems immoral for this man to not tell the truth about the treasure. You would think that this treasure was rightfully owned by the landowner. But if these two were brought before a Jewish court of law, that argument would not stand up in court. For if the treasure was there before the landowner bought the land and he did not know it was there, he did not legally possess it. Therefore the man who found it did not need to legally tell the owner what he found. But in order for the man to own the treasure, he needed to own the land.

So the man sold everything he had, which was nothing compared to this treasure, but it was enough to purchase the land where the treasure lay hidden, waiting for him. Does this mean we can purchase our salvation? No, not at all. Remember this man only sold everything after he discovered this treasure and what was inside.

When we discover the riches of Christ it is easy to forsake sin and the loves of this world. When we discover we no longer need to work for value but rather discover that our value is in the person of Jesus Christ, we will forsake everything else that we possess and possessed us.

May we hide this treasure today and let go of everything that would ever hinder us from valuing it to its full potential. But don’t leave your grace buried; sell all you have—meaning let go of anything that could never satisfy you like Christ—and come back to purchase this land so you can own the treasure.

What are you holding onto that could make you miss this treasure?

// Pastor Josh Kelsey