DAY 55 | Significant Insignificance

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He told them still another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into about sixty pounds of flour until it worked all through the dough.” 

Matthew 13:33


The Kingdom of God, or the reign of Christ, always starts with what seems insignificant. A little bit of yeast in a large lump of dough might seem insignificant, yet this yeast will affect every part of that dough.

Jesus started as an innocent baby born homeless to an unknown couple in an unknown town, in what seemed like a dark and insignificant time. Jesus started with twelve unqualified guys. Yet the effect of this little bit of yeast on the world is astonishing. The yeast of the Kingdom seems like nothing, but it’s everything.

When the church takes the yeast, the Kingdom of God, and mixes it into the world, it might seem insignificant. When we gather every week to knead the dough with the Gospel, it might seem like nothing is happening. See, the woman took—or in the Greek, “received”—the yeast and mixed it all through the dough. Yeast is a living fungus. As the dough is mixed air bubbles are created (fermentation), and due to rising air (respiration), the yeast begins to multiply until the lump of dough is leavened.

You may just have a little bit of Jesus in your life right now, a seed of what could be—a little bit of yeast in comparison to the dough—but as you mix Jesus into your life, your family, your sphere of influence, what seems insignificant will influence your whole life.

How can you apply the little bit of yeast of the Kingdom that you have been given and begin to mix it into your life?

// Pastor Josh Kelsey