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He went out about the sixth hour (noon) and the ninth hour (3 pm), and did the same thing. And about the eleventh hour (5 pm) he went out and found others standing around, and he said to them, “Why have you been standing here idle all day?” They answered him, “Because no one hired us.” He told them, “You go into the vineyard also.”

Matthew 20:5-7


This estate owner did not wait for workers to come to him, but he went searching out those who lacked a purpose. He didn’t stop looking; and throughout the day this manager had need for more and more workers. His harvest must’ve been plentiful, for the workers that started earlier in the day were not sufficient enough to get the job done. Of those he found in the marketplace throughout the day, their lack of employment did not deter him from including them. It seems the only criteria for being chosen was available. Workers that were engaged in another land or vineyard were not being chosen, for they were preoccupied with another landlord, another owner.

We might think our own lack of purpose—or not knowing our purpose—makes us disqualified in this life, when in fact God engages those who the world has written off. We would be wise not to presuppose why we are here. We would be wise to not assume our purpose. We might otherwise find ourselves employed with a purpose we weren’t created for, a purpose of own making.

Just because we may be employed or already have a career or earn wage in the city, that doesn’t mean we have purpose. Spiritually, we may still be waiting around for employment, our hearts not yet hired by something worthy of the work of love. An unemployed spirit does not scare our God away. Of those who are still waiting, we have not been forgotten. If you are human, He has a purpose for you.

Don’t give your purpose away to this world; say yes to the One who created you to be fully alive.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey