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Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

Matthew 7:24


Jesus closes His famous sermon on the mount with a parable. He reveals the importance of this message by summing it up with an analogy of building a house. Jesus the carpenter likens our lives to building a house. He shows us how a life is built—not just how it is built but where a wise human will build the house. We know the materials are important, but what is even more vital is the foundation of a house. But how do we build our lives, our houses, on a solid foundation?

The foundation of a life begins with the ears—our ability to hear, to listen to what Jesus is saying. Hearing the words of Jesus is like a master architect rolling out His never-seen blueprint for us. The blueprint for our humanity is found in the clear lines of His words. His words created all things in the beginning. He spoke the Word, which is Jesus Christ, and the world was created, humans were created, the word became flesh, then the Word spoke. He came to earth to make us fully alive.The blueprint of life has been laid out, but are we listening?

This Human series has been focused on the words of Jesus. He entered the world as truth and grace to cut through the static of this world. He came as the blueprint for a new humanity, a humanity that starts with joy. The One who is the same yesterday, today and forever came to love us into who we were truly made to be. The One who is the only one who deserves a title, took off all titles to serve us. He came like a dove with gentleness;, he came like a viper with wisdom. God with us—fully God, fully man—showed us what it is to be a human fully alive.

Do we have the time to stop and hear Him? Do we have the humility to stop and do what He has told us to do? Are we wanting to build a life that lasts beyond this life?

Humans let's listen to His words, and let's follow His blueprint for humanity.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey