And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.

Matthew 7:25


If we were to build a house with our own hands and live in it we might understand this parable a little more. If we built a house with our own hands, and then a storm rose up that could jeopardize the house, we would relate even more. The disciples listening to this powerful sermon on the mount—and then this parable illustrating the importance of what has just been preached—would’ve started to realize how important the words of Jesus were.

The foundation of the life we are building is only realized when a storm comes upon us. If the storm or trial overwhelms us and destroys everything that we’ve been building up until that point, we might need to rethink what and how we are building. Storms will come; they are unavoidable. But how we respond and what we have built is vital.

If we have built our life on the words of Jesus, then when a storm comes, it is His promise that we will not fall because we have been founded on the rock of His word. But if we find ourselves constantly falling and crumbling when storms arise, we might need to relook at the foundations of our life. Are we truly building on the words of our Creator God or are we just living out of emotion and nice ideas?

The evidence is in the ability to withstand a storm. The strength of who we are is founded in our obedience to His words. If we are hearing His words but ignoring the obedience part, we might find our life being tossed around by the wind, floods and rain of this world. Storms will come, but the rock foundation of our house can withstand it.

If we are feeling a bit swayed in our current trials, let’s return to the words of Jesus and His rock-solid foundation so that we might build a life that withstands the storms to come.

// Pastor Josh Kelsey