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Join us this summer for a 12-week leadership program. The C3 Summer Internship is a great opportunity to engage with the C3 Brooklyn community at a deep level as you learn more about leadership in ministry.  Be stretched, challenged, and gain confidence in your leadership through powerful learning environments, mentorship from members of our staff team, and hands-on ministry experience. Experience what it means to live and lead like Jesus. 

12 week commitment (Start Date: June 5th / End Date: August 21st)

Project based role working under one of the C3 Staff
Available to come into our Brooklyn Office (1-2 Days a week, 8-16 hours)
Lead on Sundays at 1 of our 4 Locations
Weekly Leadership training
End of term presentation

This is not just a season in life, it is an opportunity to fully realize what living for the Kingdom looks like on a daily basis."

"Constant encouragement from other staff gave me the confidence to push onward and strive to do more and do it 100%."

"My favorite experience of the internship was having the opportunity to learn new creative skills, like video and web development! The work that we do is very impactful, which you can't really put a price on."

"Come in with an open mind, and be prepared to enlarge your tent."