-Moses |||||| Exodus 33


What is a Church without His presence?

What is a relationship with God without Him?

A relationship based on what someone can give you beyond the relationship itself may have some practical benefit but it will do nothing to change our heart, our lives, our families, our towns, our churches, our cities and our nations.

Heaven is wherever His presence is.

Moses cried out in Exodus 33 for God show me your Glory!

His glory is many things but most of all it is the fullness of His presence.

The promise of His presence in our life is why there is a call for us to be cleansed of all our junk, pride, sin.

For in the removing of these things our lives are returned to their regenerated state, whereby we can again live, move and have our being in His presence.

Our lives become the resting place for His Glory that brings the only true rest for our weary souls.

He so loves us that He took upon Himself the weight of cleansing us of all ungodliness.

Everything that does not resemble or represent His divine image.

Our image & identity is unclear, muddled with impurities, varnished with deceptions and dimmed with arrogance.

Then grace...

Jesus Christ took all of what is not Him upon Himself that dark & glorious day at Calvary.

All that is not of Him in our lives now washed away in a river of sacrificial Love.


That His spirit may rest on and in our lives to begin the process of changing and reforming our hearts and lives.

Into the likeness and image of what God first spoke into being...Us reflecting Him in this world.

So that...

The fullness of His Glory may be seen

So that the prayer of Moses may be answered.

The prayer of all might be answered.

Show me your Glory.

That we might Know Him...

& His presence would always be with you & I.