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Increase and abound—our lives can experience the overflow of God's love, so that it spills out onto others everywhere! Paul, here, is telling Timothy that God can make his love both increase and abound, so that loving one another becomes not just possible, but expected. Do you expect His love in your life to increase? Are you at a place where it is increasing, but are you expecting it to abound and overflow?

Paul connects this idea of increasing and abounding love—love in overflow—to holiness and blameless living. The more we let God's love increase and abound in our lives, the more confidently we will walk before God, for His holiness and blameless life will express itself in His overflowing love that we release toward others. The path to a cleaner internal life is found in the external expression of God's love through you toward others. Holiness blooms in the presence of us loving one another like Jesus loves us.

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