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Jesus repeatedly gifts us a perfect example of reckless, brotherly love throughout Scripture.
If Paul commends the Thessalonians for their expression of love throughout the region of Macedonia, we can be inspired to love the entirety of this city we call home.

Together we can lift one another up in our pursuits of loving people well. When Jesus feeds the four thousand in Matthew, he approaches his discples full of concern for the physical well-being of the people who had come to see him. The disciples mentally scramble for the closest available sustenance, but Jesus uses what they already have—seven loaves and a few small fish. It's so freeing to look down and see our nearly empty hands that could personally never adequately provide but yet be filled enough to feed four thousand.

Now go, do as Jesus did and does. Let's feed this city with love.

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When you begin to pour out what God has given, you are not given less, but more. Is that intimidating or encouraging for you
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