Christ desires that our joy might be made complete, “wholly mature.” Grown to a full stature. Having been once an infant joy, that it would crawl and then stumble and then run onward as a full and lively joy, a joy that reaches it’s prime and pours out of us.

And how are we filled with this joy? In the previous verses, Jesus invites us to “make yourselves at home in my love.” We’ve been welcomed into His very home of love—and for the purpose that the joy of Christ would become the your joy, my joy. His joy at being fully at home in the Father’s love can now be ours. So we are now the homemakers for others. To love like Christ has loved us, is to invite others into a love where they can be fully at home, truly at rest, completely themselves. A love that reclines at the table. A love that calls out your truest and best self. This is the joy we share—the joy we cannot contain, the love that spills out of our lives.

And it might start as a seedling joy, just an understanding that we are invited into this kind of abiding love. But it will grow. May it take root in our hearts. May it be watered by grace. May we find that His joy has become our own, a full-grown joy, a radiant joy, the joy of the Father’s embrace.

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