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Who are your enemies? Jesus’ call to love means you actually need to know who your enemies are. Love takes notice of all, including enemies. And what is an enemy? They are those who set themselves against us, for whatever reason. Jesus doesn’t consider an “enemy” someone who we don’t like or don’t get along with; an enemy is someone who’s hardened their hearts toward us.  Love takes notice of its enemies, but why?

Jesus thinks we can win over our enemies through love, like He has done. If we have offended another, we need to go and humble ourselves and make things right. If another is set against us because they’ve chosen to be an enemy toward us in their hearts, then we must show them love that is just like Jesus’ love—unconditional, taking no record of wrongs, and believing the best. 

Isn’t that what Christ has done? When we were hostile in our minds toward God, when we made ourselves His enemy and thought (wrongly) that He had set Himself against us, that is when Christ died for us. His love won us over, making friends of us who were His enemies. We are called to love our enemies just like Jesus did.

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