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Pastors Josh and Georgie Kelsey, along with their 6-month old son Brooks, left sunny Sydney in February 2013 to arrive at a cold, snow-covered JFK. They had come to NYC to plant a church in Brooklyn, in response to an audacious and spirited vision for New York city, which God had given them 3 years prior. But how do you plant a church in a city and culture that is unfamiliar to you? Such a question loomed large in their minds as they spent their first days in NYC, walking the streets of Brooklyn and taking in their new hometown. Just days later, the Dinner Party was born, and they began their mission which has now blossomed into 4 Locations and over 50 Dinner Parties.

Dinner Parties have formed the heart of C3 Brooklyn, providing a familial gathering space where believers and non-believers, the churched and the curious, could gather to share a meal, form community, and pursue questions of faith and life together. C3 Brooklyn’s first Dinner Party began with 5 people in a living room and, over the course of several months, ballooned into a vibrant, full weekly gathering. In September 2013, the first Location was planted in Williamsburg, followed a year later with a second Location in Bushwick. 2015 saw the addition of a third Location, in Downtown Manhattan and our newest location in Downtown Brooklyn launched in 2017. The Kelseys’ vision is to add another location over the next year, along with numerous Dinner Parties, which can provide NYC with multiplace ways to encounter Jesus, experience the love of God, and discover the message of grace.

The Kelseys passionately believe that the message of Jesus’ love and grace can radically transform NYC, redefining what community, faith, and leadership look like in this global city. They believe that each human’s fullest potential can only be fully realized when they have a vibrant relationship with Jesus. Their mission is to equip and empower others to see themselves as architects of culture in NYC and as leaders in their industries. The Kelseys vigorously believe that NYC is positioned see a reformation in how the world experiences church, and how the church interacts with the world around it. The message they carry aims to see NYC experience a different kind of Christianity—a Christianity with Jesus as its vision, people as its mission, and love as its cause.