worship through business // worship from the perspective of the coffee industry

I didn't grow up drinking coffee, like some people do. It took a lot of my friends repeatedly suggesting we meet up for coffee until I finally came around to the idea. Once I did, I loved it. I saw people getting together, connecting and conversing for hours over a simple cup. I was convinced there was something special.

I got involved in the industry because I've always had a passion for people. Between coffee and tea, there is no other beverage as ubiquitous with hospitality. Ultimately, people need spaces in their lives where they can connect with others, and I wanted to play a role in providing that. 

Once I developed a taste for coffee, I started learning about how many varieties of coffee there are and where it comes from. Coffee is completely grown in the "global south" — that is, countries where income is low and poverty is high. Coffee has the ability to connect not only friends over a single cup, but also consumers of coffee with producers of coffee. My heart is to build a bridge between these two communities. I have dreams of roasting and selling coffee here so that the people who grow it and farm it can see a tangible difference in their communities.

To me, this is worship. We must recognize that God has, always and forever, given His very best to us. He opened His heart to us so that we could enjoy community with the Trinity. He gave of His abundance so that we could trade in our poverty. To worship God is to emulate Him, make what's important to Him important to you. For my business, that means being hospitable and providing the highest quality of product and service I can. For my relationship with the coffee-growing countries, that means being sacrificial with my giving and my time. In my life, I want to behave towards others as God has towards me.

// Joel Eastlick