worship through fashion // worship from the perspective of a businessman

Our daughter, Bella, is 4 years old and I can remember being her age and first learning the potency of dressing up (or dressing down). It came so naturally and discovering that clothing was a tool that could create theatre was principal to how I grew to see the world. I learned how to transform my own self, or canvas, as well as the canvas of others by sculpting looks.

The source of my creativity has never been enigmatic. How to use that in the active worship of God has only recently started to make sense. People come to me and to our business, Alexander Nash, with varying degrees of stylistic fortitude. People seek guidance and inspiration through my mentorship and want things to become simple and clear so that they look simply and clearly wonderful!

Our family came to C3 on what I’ll always end up calling REALLY Good Friday. Back on Easter Sunday for service, my wife Isha and I knew, unequivocally, that we had found a congregation that suited our needs, no pun intended.

It was during a recent Sunday morning sermon by Pastor Josh that I was struck by the realization that the service that I was providing in dressing so many of our clients at Alexander Nash is what I actively seek out each time we go to C3 on Sunday morning, or when I open the daily Temple Prøject or converse with fellow servants of Jesus Christ amongst the Congregation.

Tailoring my creativity in the worship of God has infused my daily work with a challenge that I am humbly trying to meet. This shall require faith, fellowship, regular readings from the Scriptures and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Prayer remains central and I believe that this shall allow my creativity to be that much more impactful.

// Alex Sumner