worship through architecture // from the perspective of a young designer

I was eleven years old when I started to dream about architecture. I was fascinated by buildings and geometry and my life became influenced by art and all sorts of creativity. I knew all these gifts were created inside me with purpose.

I found that architecture and design were a beautiful way to express the unseen and untouchable. It was a way to dream and visualize something and make it happen - things that cannot be expressed in words but can be expressed by a surreal creativity.

Before I moved to New York City, I reached a place in my life where I had to surrender all to him to realize his plan was better than mine. Worship is manifested when you let God lead your destiny for his eternal purpose. I then began to embrace his plan for me. In fall of 2012, I decided to move to New York to start my professional career as an architect and to pursue my calling.  I believe this city is full of energy unlike anywhere else.  It's a place where people from all around the world gather and let their individuality collide, and where your faith is tested and challenged to trust in God completely.

Being an architect gives you an opportunity to create spaces and atmospheres that create a pattern for lifestyle. I think it's a beautiful metaphor of how God wants to design and built us with eternal foundations. I love this city and the value of the great influence and creativity that it has. I find myself always inspired by the insignificant - it could be a sound, a texture, a laugh, a color, a coffee cup, a dinner with friends or just a walk by the Williamsburg bridge or pier. When I realized people can get inspired by anything, I thought church should be the same way.  It should be a place to inspire and irradiate influence, but in a relevant and significant way.

Worship for me is more than a word; it is my daily life and is how I interact with God in all aspects of my life. This means that everything I do will point to Jesus, living with an eternal perspective. I know that the purpose of my life is to inspire people, to bring hope and joy. In order to do so, I must be closely aware of where I stand, and be thinking everyday about what I can do for others and what is the easiest way to communicate that. I use everything I know, and everything I have (skills, talents, work, art, music and design) to make this happen. I see these as tools to love, inspire and serve God and people. Being part of the Temple Prøject team challenged me to embrace my identity in Christ, not defining myself in what I do but finding myself in Him.  We are no longer homeless or foreigners, we are temples, His temple.
- David Cazso