worship through art // worship from the perspective of an artist in NYC

I moved to New York 10 years ago to go to art school. Before moving here, I was working as a school teacher in San Francisco and enrolled in a post graduate program for teaching Special Education, and also making paintings. I knew that I wanted to only make art, so I quit my job and dropped out of the Master's program and moved here. 

I make paintings and sculptures- mostly large abstract pieces having layers of subtle color. I'm interested in work that is quiet and somewhat crude looking, like old city walls. 

All work is honorable and I think it is a good thing to work and progress in one's area of interest. Humans are these complex wonderful machines who have evolved to have interests such as art, music, dance, sport, and industry. We are in an environment where we have options, and so to choose something about which we are curious, and to investigate and practice, I believe this is worship in that it honors the creator.

Worship is about honoring our maker. I think the first and most important form or worship is to help those in distress. Friendship with others is worship, and faith is worship. Doing good things secretly is beautiful. Worship is an inner attitude and I think it looks like trusting God and wanting to honor him and walk with him. 

To relate it back to artwork, again I think exercising and developing our talents is an aspect of worship. I believe this whole fabric of reality we live in with its rules and space and matter, including me and my mind, were created, so when I am working with materials such as canvas and wood, and paint, I imagine God watches and is pleased, as a parent is with their child.

// Seth Mulvey