worship through performing // worship from the perspective of an actor

What I love about acting is that it's a medium in which I can be expressive, using my own life experiences to help me tell someone else's story. The actor has the ability to entertain, provoke thought, evoke visceral emotions and change lives, but before any of that can happen, the actor must be really in tune with who he or she is. 

In acting school, I was constantly reminded to be myself and told, "They just want to see you, so be yourself. You are enough!" For years I struggled to understand the concept of being “enough”. It was easier to turn on a switch and become a character, instead of trusting that God created a unique, interesting and dynamic woman named Renata. I needed to understand that who God created me to be was enough. My acting needed to stem from my own experiences in life, so that I could understand and relate to others. The circumstances in any play/film have to be played truthfully and vulnerably.


Worship through performing is really about not being afraid to share who you are on stage/set while being a light to others. Many performers are afraid and keep their talents undercover and don’t share their gifts. We were created to shine God’s goodness and faithfulness through our talents, while also being an impact and an encouragement to others. The only way to impact our culture in a positive way is to be in it and be a part of it. For example, when the theatre is not in use, a ghost light is always turned on overnight on stage. Without a ghost light, you could fall down in the dark. It keeps you safe, because a small light in a dark place can light up a room. In the same way, WE can be a “ghost light” for others. No one wants to work with a grumpy, unprofessional or rude person. Why not influence others for the positive and be a person that people remember for being kind, encouraging, passionate, professional and talented?

In my personal life, worship is about complete surrender and vulnerability. It’s not only knowing who you truly are, but also not being afraid of sharing what God is doing in our lives. God’s got our back! We were created in the image of a creative God, and he is inviting us to create as well. Being real and giving back to others my inner attributes of my abilities, thoughts and talents is a part of worship. It's learning to not worry/focus on promotions and getting ahead in the game. I ask myself, "What can I do today to use my talents in a fruitful and uplifting way and how I can impact others by being a source of hope and encouragement in my work place?" It's when I'm using my talents to their full capacity, instead of hiding behind them, that I remember that my career and worries are in God's hands. It's then that I can focus on shining a little light into someone else’s life through God’s love.

// Renata Eastlick