As we physically dress ourselves in the morning perhaps we can sometimes forget to dress ourselves spiritually and with intention. What is the most important thing that you clothe yourselves with spiritually each day?
The most important thing we clothe ourselves with is prayer and worship. For us, it's the ultimate form of communication with the Father. As we spend time in His presence praying and worshiping, our spiritual eyes are opened and our faith is restored and sustained. Starting our days with hearts full of gratitude, humility, & grace sets the tone for the day. It allows us to draw closer to God, relinquishing all control and giving the Holy Spirit free reign to ignite our spirits in preparation for the day ahead. 

Like raw denim stains skin with wear, perhaps there are things of life that also leave marks on our everyday lives? What helps you to navigate this and continue to put your spiritual clothing on?
“And he said unto me, 'My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.' Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭12:9
We love this scripture, simple yet invigorating. The Apostle Paul conveys his comfort and confidence in his weakness because of Jesus' promise of perfect strength. Similarly, we try to continually remind ourselves that our struggles, marks, and scars help shape us into God's perception of us: loving and unique sons and daughters bearing witness to His glory and grace. We strive for growth and hold steadfast to Jesus' promises, reminding ourselves that all trials and tribulations are preparation for God's calling on our lives.


As you wear Christ, put him on daily how do you encourage each other to continue to let Christ wash over you in your marriage?
The loss of our first son JJ in February 2013 was the biggest test of faith and encouragement in our marriage and our lives. Although we both felt broken, through Christ one of us was able to encourage the other on bad days, never allowing the other to feel defeated or to sink too deep into depression. We anchored each other by reintroducing God's love through our actions and prayers, speaking life into our emotional wellbeing. We believe that encouragement through Christ is the source of confidence in our faith. It provides spiritual support for areas where the other may be lacking. In the most disruptive time of life nothing is more important than the hope shared to help others sustain and overcome.

In what practical ways has the spiritual clothing of Christ outlasted worldly things you may put on yourselves?
What stands out the most is true joy. Joy of this world is always temporary and if we tie our emotions and identity to that, our lives would be a constant roller coaster ride. When things are good, we'd be happy, and when they're bad, we'd be sad or upset. We've found that indulging in Christ results in an overwhelming feeling of constant joy down deep in the soul. Despite the circumstance, our own personal emotions, or our own struggles, that kind of divine joy prevails. And from that over flow, we love and celebrate others, helping to build and solidify a community of love.