Sebastian & Louie

Collaborating is a great way to learn - the best part about collaboration is getting a peek into the other creator’s mind. It requires us to be a student first, and then offer insight. What better way, then, to get new inspiration and insight than through divine lineage? We’ve found fasting and prayer opens it up wide.

In 2010 I (Sebastian) was diagnosed as a glaucoma suspect. The thought of losing my sight haunted me for weeks. At the time, I was working with carbon fiber so the two kind of collided in a really incredible way and came to fruition as the initial concept for Dirocco EyewearWhen coming up with the name, we figured that since Lujan only has sisters, and her dad is the only male sibling, it would be good to keep her family name alive through the sunglasses. Our marriage, and everything we do, is a collaboration between the two of us.

Grace falls upon everyone, but favor is something we seek, greedily. As a designer, I’ve never been able to create a mediocre product. I don’t try to be high-end or luxurious, but I’m at the helm of creation and want to achieve excellence in the end result - I believe this follows the example of our Creator, collaborating with the patterns of His creation. More practicality though, we hope the Creator blesses us so that we can use Dirocco as an avenue to help restore the sight of others who have gone blind through cataracts. We want to collaborate with Him, and do His work through our work. 

We recently set up a pop-up shop in Chelsea Market with our friends at Lucky Selectism Eyewear. Whilst there is a tendency to view others in the same industry as competitors, our approach towards collaboration is to work together and gain insight from each other. We know that people don’t listen to only one band or singer, they don’t only watch movies starring the same actor; similarly, I believe people do not buy only one brand of anything… unless it’s Apple. Just because we both make eyewear doesn’t mean we can’t be friends!

To collaborate with Christ, you first have to be a student of His work. The work and words of Christ reveal that collaboration with Him means helping anyone in need, no questions asked. We try to exercise this on a daily basis. If the fruits of your labor do not help someone in need, how can you call it a collaboration with Christ? This might mean giving a few dollars to a homeless person, even when you aren’t sure if the money will buy food or booze, or helping out the guy looking for a Metro Card swipe on the subway, or closer to home, your friends and family. You’ve all seen the commercials - $30 a month changes the life of a child. Skip just one dinner; change a person’s life. True collaboration with God means trusting Him with the growth of the seed - you only need to plant it.