How important is revelation from God in helping you exercise self-control in your relationships?

Revelation from God is key to finding peace, love, and patience within my spirit. The Word does tell us that God has given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind. In my daily interactions, I use that truth as a shield. 

How do distraction, convenience and the gradual acceptance of compromise seep into our behaviors? How does this make it hard to practice self-control?

I like to describe distraction as that thing that conveniently appears when we least expect it, or better yet, when we are least aware. If I gradually accept a distraction as my norm, I eventually realize that, in one way or another, I’ve missed out on something more important. Then my behavior is driven by comprise, where I find myself not enjoying the journey. But God is good – He tells us that He is the beginner and finisher of our walk in Him. 

When is it hardest for you to practice self-control?

I find it hardest to exercise self-control when I am not connected in prayer. 

Only the spirit can empower us to master ourselves. What are some areas where you have found it hard, internally and externally, to practice the virtues of righteousness, peace and joy?

When I see injustice it gets under my skin. It makes me feel like I have no control whatsoever, and that makes it hard to practice the virtues of righteousness, peace and joy. But again, because I have the Lord in my life and I believe in His Word, I take refuge in having faith that He is in control of everything.