What does it look like to honor a brother or a sister in Christ?

Honoring a brother or sister in Christ means seeing, treating, and loving them the way Jesus would. We call our brothers and sisters by their names. We hang out with them and invite them into our homes and lives. We make ourselves available when they are in need. We forgive and love them through their mistakes.  

Acts talks about the early church living in unity and being generous with what they owned. How can we show love towards each other as a church? 

As children of God, we know that everything we possess is a gift from God – absolutely everything. Christ modeled generosity throughout His entire life; from His example, we learn to live in unity with family, friends and even strangers! We are called to do life together: traveling together, celebrating together, sharing meals together, praying together, confessing our sins to one another, and more. Most importantly, we must recognize that being generous requires some form of sacrifice, but the truth is that the benefits we have in Christ and community far outweigh the cost of any sacrifice.

Humans are designed to do life in community. What are some ways we can fight isolation and encourage each other to keep meeting together?

As someone who dealt with severe depression, the greatest revelation I received from Christ is that I've found my life by giving it up. That might sound super spiritual, but in practical and tangible terms this means serving. I've fought isolation by committing myself to a cause that is so much greater than myself, and I truly believe that we find a tremendous amount of purpose and community in serving. I think the thing that can most inhibit us from continuing to encourage one another is fear of coming off as overbearing or invading someone's space – but Christ has called each and every one of us to contribute to His community. By not encouraging others to be in community and serve, we can actually inhibit people from their own growth.

How has being part of church community impacted your life?

There is something really special about the church community that's being built here at C3 Brooklyn. It has absolutely changed my life; I've been able to meet and develop relationships with people who are committed to developing a loving, authentic relationship with God and with one another. Through our community, I've come to experience life to its fullest. At C3 Brooklyn, I've learned that the thing I once feared would limit life – obedience and submission to God's will – instead has actually led to the most vibrant and joy-filled experience of life I’ve ever known.

How have you seen the lives of those around you transformed by remaining committed to loving one another as God has commanded? [Hebrews 10:24-25]

As I've remained committed to God's command to love others, I've seen faith, joy, and vulnerability manifest in the lives of those around me. Dinner parties have been tremendously impactful, as I've been able to see and hear stories of friends stepping into their purpose, experiencing healing, breaking strongholds, and forgiving.