Henry Lopez

What does it mean to be human?

To me, being human means having a relationship with God and relying on Him daily, rather than trying to figure things out on your own, like many of us do. I’m a pretty organized person. I know what I want to do, and if something falls out of place, it stresses me out. I’ve learned, though, that when I’m more aware of God's presence, He puts His grace and calmness over me and relaxes me. Reading a devotional every day is encouraging, but it’s also important to take some time out to read the Bible, to pray and to meditate on the Lord’s presence.

What has struck you most about the Human series so far?

Ps Georgie mentioned that we have the option to be observers or participators in our relationship with God. I feel like I have been more of an observer than a participator in the past—instead of trying to connect and pay attention to signs that someone may be hurting or in need of something. Connecting with that person could be as simple as lending an ear, and just giving them someone to talk to. I fall down a lot, but when I feel His presence and grace is inside of me, all the right things come out.

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How do you feel you are becoming fully alive in Christ?

Before I became a Christian, I was a loner. I was raised that way—not to trust anyone, to keep my business to myself. I am still a private person, to a certain extent, but I’ve become more open since I started going to C3. Having a relationship with God and learning about His ways is changing me so I can be vulnerable with people. He’s all about love and being there for each other—and I’ve learned that we’re not meant to do life alone. We’re meant to help each other out. singing together, being in community together, learning about Him together, and laughing together.

How did that new beginning come about?

It’s funny. My girl introduced me to Christianity. God knew what it would take to get my attention, I guess. Soon after we met, she invited me to go to C3. I didn’t go, but we went on a few dates. Then we didn’t go out again for maybe a month. I still tried to pursue her a bit, and she asked me again if I wanted to go to church. This time I went. I remember the first day I walked in. I had never met so many friendly and talented people in one location. It was amazing, and it’s been great ever since. It didn’t feel like something I had to do—it felt like a family. And the more I learn (I’m reading John right now) the more I see that’s the way He wants us to be.

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What changed for you in the process?

One way that I've changed is in the music that I listen to. I’m not saying that the music I listened to before was all bad, but listening to it on a constant basis turned it into a form of worship, in a negative way. Now I find myself listening to more uplifting music. I like "Oceans [Where Feet May Fail]" and songs like that. Listening to them helps me get in tune with God. Singing those songs, you can definitely feel the Holy Spirit.

How is this new beginning making an impact on your life today?

Until recently, I was renting a room in my uncle’s three-bedroom apartment in West Harlem and driving from there to C3. I ended up relocating to a new apartment in Williamsburg a few weeks ago, and it just so happens that C3 is only a few blocks away. It’s so amazing to be here; it’s almost surreal. I have a strong feeling that He wants to use this move to help me become a bridge for other people. Ultimately, I hope to change the world. That’s always been my dream. He is the Creator, and I’m learning more and more, every week, every month: how strong God is, how smart God is, and so many different things I didn’t know before. It’s impossible to understand all the aspects of God’s love, but it’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold.