He is beautiful in all His ways.

Sunday August 31 was beautiful in all its ways. Looking back, it is evident that the Holy Spirit was obviously preparing all of us that day for something bigger that Jesus wanted to do. It represented a radical shift, not only in this church but in this city, because of what He did in each of us; my story is just a tiny sliver.

Like many of us I’ve been going through a lot. New York is hard, especially when you’re from somewhere else. Everyone is trying to juggle, here and there and everywhere - friends from other states and countries; work and housing; emotions, time and money. Seeing Jesus all around is easy and hard.

On the day of our baptism service, I was asking myself why I was even in New York (which I know we all do from time to time) and was looking at plane tickets; I was ready to just leave. I was praying, asking and crying. I didn’t want to go to church because I knew I was going to have to be honest with the ones around me about how I was feeling and what I was seriously considering - leaving in the next few days. Knowing I needed to fight the flesh I went to church.  

Fast forward...

During the service I went up for prayer. While praying for me Pastor Josh said something profound. He said that I was called here to New York City to evangelize... and that is exactly what I know I was called here to do. It all started when I visited New York in August of last year. During this trip I found myself crying on the subway as all around me I saw the need for Him. I kept asking God what I could do and He said, “love them.” When I moved here in January I literally didn't have a home, a job, a community or friends, and again I kept asking God what He wanted me to do and He kept saying "love them."

So here I am, nine months later. The enemy has tried and tried to steer me away from church and community and from going out and loving people. But on the evening of Sunday August 31, Jesus reestablished my purpose in New York City. And so, I was baptized in response. My declaration on the roof was simply this, “Jesus, I’m here for You to be love like You.” 

I’m so thankful for this community and I know God has called us here for such a time as this.

// Zilah Drahn