BROKEN PIECES // Cassy Flowers

My family and I are huge college football fans, and a few years ago we accidentally booked a ski trip that just so happened to be on the same day as a big bowl game. With limited time to ski, we hit the slopes and recorded the game to watch later, agreeing not to check the score on our phones so that it would feel as real as possible when we sat down to watch. However, throughout the day I received a load of texts from unknowing friends recounting our team’s score, giving me the impression that we had won. 

As we proceeded to watch the game as a family, there were moments when the score didn’t match what my friends had told me; in fact at halftime, my team was losing. I began to doubt that by the end of the game we’d emerge victorious.  

This is so parallel to life. We know that storms will end and the battles will be won, but when we’re sitting in the middle of halftime looking at field where we appear to be losing, it’s very easy to doubt that we’ll win. Pastor Georgie reminded us on Sunday that we have won - the final score is already up, because God gave His only son Jesus who chose to go to the cross to be broken for all. By His sacrifice, we have won. 

In this game of life, how differently would we play if we really believed that the ending is good? The only way we can do that is to be quick on our feet, constantly praying and trusting Christ like we'd trust a teammate. We must pass the broken pieces to Him so that we can get back on the field, believing that just as it was with my team (who of course won the game!), our final scores are already written.