This past Sunday, Pastor Josh reflected on Isaiah 61:3, charging us to allow God to exchange our heaviness for praise.


History is void of revival that didn’t begin in prayer and praise. Revival is here, and revival is now. Today, in this moment, God is offering us the great exchange: His heart in exchange for ours. God desires to exchange the often-silent heaviness of our pain and past failures with a fervent “garment of praise” (Isaiah 61:3). Praise changes everything because it takes the focus off ourselves and proclaims that the victory is found in God’s goodness alone.

Jesus told His opponents that if men were silenced from praising Him, the stones would cry out in their place (Luke 19:40). There are many instances in the Bible where stones are mentioned. People walked, sat, prayed, wept and even bled on stones. If these stones could talk, what stories do you think they would tell?  Stones are silent witnesses. How many times have we been silent witnesses to things we have been given authority to speak life over? When have we remained silent when we had the opportunity to respond boldly with praise? What good is a witness if it’s silent?  

Since the righteousness and grace of our Deliverer is perfect and always available, our praise doesn't have to be dependent on our imperfect abilities. It is our delight to respond to this great exchange by crying out in the name of Jesus Christ to bring forth the redemption and freedom of Heaven.

It’s time to take the praise out of the rocks and put it on our lips.