This past weekend, we celebrated Vision Sunday as Pastor Josh challenged us to fall to our knees and expand our revelation of His love so we could welcome a city into our hearts.

ROADS // Alicia Hosking

God builds roads.

He built a road to bridge the space from where each of us once stood to where we now find ourselves. It’s a road along which we’ll each continue to walk for the rest of our days, journeying with Him towards an ever-brighter future. 

Our roads have crossed paths, and we now find ourselves walking as a community, never alone on the course but spurred on with the encouragement and companionship that makes the journey profoundly easier – and so much more fun. 

Our motley crew is ever expanding, and now there are more roads that need to be built. We’re invited to partner in the labor, to help establish new paths and bridge the divide from the community we have established to locate the needy – the hurting, the lost, the broken, the underprivileged – so they too can find the Way to Life.

Roads don’t just appear, through. New York City didn’t always looks like this – it used to be covered in trees…

There are practical implications that come with pioneering new land and building roads and bridges in places previously covered by rubble or forest. The town planner, the surveyor and the civil engineer would never be surprised to learn that finances are required to turn their plan from a drawing into a functioning road. Similarly, we can’t be surprised when a church requires funds in order to keep building infrastructure that will pave the way for more people to find Home.

We would be selfish to walk along our merry path and leave a poorly stranger hurting at the side of the road. Our Example tells us to stop and help, to extend our means, our care and our position of privilege to lift the other up and help establish the assistance that will bring them back to full health [Luke 10:25-37]. 

Opportunities to reach the needy – near and far – aren’t fleeting, “feel good,” occasional acts of charity. They add weight to our own journey, giving worth and purpose to our steps, proving that our establishment as followers of Christ is designed as a mission that will leave a legacy far greater than any path we could have carved out for ourselves. 

We’re called not just to walk down our life’s path, but to establish straight, smooth roads in previously desolate places, to prepare a way for all people to find God [Isaiah 40:3].