Identity is something that is plaguing and maliciously attacking this generation. Our phones are not merely accessories but psychologically potent devices that change not just what we do but who we are. Think about social media and why you post what you do—the purpose and intention that goes behind your ‘posts’. Is it to get more likes, more followers or to portray a more likeable and idealized version of yourself? I think that we have become so addicted to the constant reinvention of ourselves we assume Christ works the same way.

Pastor Josh catapulted our new series ONE by presenting a challenging message to shift ingrained mindsets from a numeric one mentality where we are isolated, alone and addicted to our pain to a unified oneness where we bind ourselves together with the love of Christ to form one chord unified in peace. 

Paul implores us that our identity in Christ is not something that we need to create but something that already exists. We are so busy trying to attain and earn our identity in Christ because that is what this generation is teaching us we must do, but we have the surety that our identity is already given to us as something to preserve rather than achieve. As the Body of Christ we must understand that there are elements of another person's life, minor fibers that become tangled with our personality as we come together as one body, with one spirit and one heart. This is why Christ is calling us to be one, to be secure in our identity in him and to embrace the unity that already exists with one another so that we are not bearing grudges nor are we bonded because of our brokenness but because we are able to to forgive and mend offenses so that His peace strengthens the chord.