CREDENTIALS // Stephanie Harrison

I've been looking for a new job and am convinced that tweaking resumes is the hardest part of the process. There's an elusive skill to updating qualifications, recording accomplishments, and talking yourself up to potential employers. There aren't many documents as obnoxious and value-driven as the resume.

When Pastor Josh on Sunday asked where we find our value, and what we compare ourselves to, it made me wonder: what if God required a list of our accomplishments to join His clan? An interview and application process just to get a foot in the door; He'd check our strengths, call our references and ask for our degrees. There's no way anyone would be skilled enough for His recruitment agency. By default, the world would be unemployed. 

Instead, the Lord allows us to enter His presence via a perfect intercessor—complete with our mistakes, our desire to dethrone Him and our fleeting hearts. We are welcomed, accepted and made complete. 

Christ bridges the chasms we create between us and God. Each day, God's mercies are new; with every sunrise there's an outpouring of grace. No checklist of requirements, no interviews or callbacks; God shreds our manmade accomplishments and burrows to our hearts. This week, let’s retune our hearts and put the earthly things we value on lower rungs than God. There's no other way for us to see how much we're worth.