This past Sunday, Ps Josh gave a message encouraging us in the gift of hope given through Jesus.

TENACITY // Adrian Curiel

The prime characteristic that I value above all is tenacity; I don’t weather easily. The level of independence and resilience that my mother instilled in me is the core to who I am and how I live life. This past Sunday, Pastor Josh referenced Romans 15:13—“so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope”—which, to me, brought up all the layers of adversity that He continues to see me through. I can operate boldly because I have been deemed worthy of Christ’s eternal love and grace.

As a creative professional who makes a living on conveying streams of ideas, it was beyond powerful to hear that my imagination is in sync with God’s creativity and favor. It makes sense that when I feel on the verge of innovation I also feel the least in control. Creating is when my soul begins catching up to the reality of the gospel. By placing my trust in God, He gives me access to His presence so we may create together.

He knew what He was creating when He made me, therefore I rest assured that my life will serve His purpose and bring to fruition the hope that I’m driven by. God has placed a very specific disposition in each of us, searing passions and hope into each of our imaginations. We can conduct our hope with a strong understanding that our abilities have been blessed with favor and grace because, like Pastor Josh emphasized, God gives hope that doesn't disappoint.

It’s truly a blessing to have a spiritual HQ in C3 Brooklyn to hone in on my faith, purpose and hope—week in and week out. This hope is tangible—I’ve seen it, felt it, heard it, experienced it, and I will never know a reality without it.