AGAPE LOVE // Trish Ramirez

We as humans can experience phileo or eros love, but God’s love is agapeAgape is a one-way street, a one-way love. It draws a straight line to your heart. Agape love is not contingent on reciprocity. It’s not contingent on your love for Him. It’s not contingent on the works you do or have done. It’s not contingent on how much you read the Bible or how much you don’t. Agape love is so much more. As Pastor Josh said this past Sunday, the English language doesn’t give us enough depth for what God’s love is. There are approximately 1,025,109 words in the English language. Not one out of over a million English words comes close to describing the depth, immensity or eternality of God’s love for you and me.

God’s love, agape, is personified in Jesus. Jesus descended and took on flesh. God didn’t ask us to scheduleJesus’ descent in our calendars; He came to us. He knew Jesus had to take on flesh, walk upon the earth and be crucified on the cross. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16), is one of the most epic one-liners in the Bible. For you and me, individually, God—our Father, Creator of the Universe—sent His only Son to die the most excruciating and humiliating death. For you and me, Jesus carried His cross up to Calvary knowing that every step he took was a step closer to His hands and feet being pierced onto the cross. Each step was one step closer to every drop of blood in His body drained, and all He would be able to muster out is, “Tetelestai - It is finished.” This is agape love. This is love unlike any other. This is love that cannot be put in a box of the English language. 

To have a one-way love is freeing. Agape love means we don’t need to work for God’s love. We don’t need to love him back for Him to love us. We don’t need to do anything for Him to love us any more or any less. Agape love is unchanging. But what if while we felt the freedom that agape love gives us, we also felt the challenge—the challenge of receiving His one-way love every day? Let’s receive God’s one-way love and go boldly into the world with the fire in our hearts that we are loved unconditionally with the ultimate Love. Let the gift of agape love ignite fire back into your bones.