This past Sunday, Filmore gave a message encouraging us to reevaluate the basics of where we place our faith.

NEVER GRADUATING // Kaleigh Steinorth

I like to run, but I used to really hate it. In fact for the majority of my life I completely despised it, but one year I decided I would change my ways and keep running until I eventually got good at it. When you’re learning how to run you have to start small—you keep going for a few minutes, and then before you know it, in a few weeks you can run for a mile and then three, and then you’re registering for a half marathon and scared to death. Looking back, I can see how far I’ve come from building on the basics. Distance running requires the same skill set as a jog around the block, but it just requires the built up endurance in those basics to sustain.

I thought about this while Filmore was speaking this Sunday about faith. He reminded us about Jesus’ completed work on the cross, saying we should always come back to this concept and never “graduate from the gospel.” Our faith in Jesus is directly proportional to our knowledge of Him and our grasp of the gospel basics.

Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. Like a distance run, our faith in Jesus grows stronger the more time we spend with Him—the more we dive into His word to learn His character and press into placing our trust in Him even when our worldly flesh is screaming to sprint in the opposite direction. The object of our faith is the perfect love and promises of Jesus Christ. When we place our faith in Him, we begin a journey that teaches us just how crazy this perfect love is. We can keep running knowing that our steps are landing on a foundation that never moves. We keep coming back to the basics: Jesus died for each of us, He loves us more than we know or deserve, and He will continue to do so forever. As our knowledge of who He is grows with the journey, we should never graduate from this truth.