Whether we realize it or not, all of us limit God. We are limiting God right now, accepting areas in our lives as status quo, when God wants to do more. God wants to collaborate with us, but so often our unbelief keeps Him at an arms-length. This week, Pastor Josh reminded us that what looks impossible for man, is possible for God – and that our call is not to try to work out or prove God’s word, but simply believe. 

Nothing is Impossible // Jolie Egan

On Sunday, for the second week in a row, I sat next to my Dad in church. There are not enough words to tell my story here, but as I type I am weeping because I did not believe it would ever happen. To have Dad present and engaged in the thing that is the core of my life is a victory in a battle that has waged for as long as I can remember – a miracle performed by God, and I don’t think my faith was even the size of a mustard seed. It’s not that I didn’t want to see it, but years of hurt and disappointment have a way of muting the voice of our hearts. We settle, we convince ourselves we’re okay with things this way, we believe the lie that it is impossible. Yet all the while, He’s at work. Faithful, persistent, taking even the speck of a fleck of a hint of faith and magnifying it in His goodness. 

And as I sat on Sunday, knowing that this was one of many dreams that I had let the fire burn out of, I heard the Lord’s gentle whisper: “Hi Sweetheart, remember me? Remember the doors I threw wide open to bring you here? Remember the apartment I provided? Remember that job that you love? Remember the friends that have become family? I know you doubt, and that’s okay. But I need you to remember. Remember who I am. And remember who I’ve made you. You are fearfully and wonderfully made for so much more. I know the dreams you have, and yes, I know they feel further away today than ever. But you know what else? I know what I’m up to. I know exactly what I’m doing and I promise, it’s better than you can imagine. I just need you to let me in. Stop trying to make sense of it, stop trying to make it happen. Remember: the more impossible it looks, the more glory I get. Let me help you with your unbelief. Oh, and have I mentioned that I spoke the stars into place and know them each by name?”

We all have areas where we are limiting God – it’s one of the shortcomings of human nature. But know this: He loves you, and He wants to collaborate with you. Will you let Him fan the flames back to life? Would you, humbly and with the trust of a child, bring those areas to your Father? He is waiting. He is willing. And He is beyond able. 

You see, God has greater plans for our lives and for this city than we have even begun to fathom. He is calling us deeper, so that His love may be spread wider. When we stand and sing “I once was blind but now I see”, He has a vision for us to catch - not just for ourselves, but for the lost, for the broken, for the searching: that every dinner party would become a family, that every family would be the church, that every church would love their neighborhood and that every neighborhood would shine with the glory of Jesus Christ. That it would be in New York City as it is in Heaven. And that we would boldly proclaim that truly, truly “nothing is impossible.”