On Sunday, Pastor Josh defined Christian meditation as both meditating on the scriptures as we read them, as well as being in prayer. He taught of its power, challenging us not to see prayer and meditation of the scriptures as "Christian duty," but rather as a privilege — relational, devotional, affectionate.  

Thinking with Jesus // Samuel Nicolosi

And that got me thinking — what if we viewed the Bible as a "Thought Book," depicting every kind of thought about God? The Bible reveals His thoughts about Himself and us; we see the thoughts of others that pertain to Him and others (both truths and lies), and we even see what the enemy thinks of God and us.  

If we see the Bible as a kind of exposé or biography that profiles all the thoughts that there are about God, it can help us sort out the sources of our own thoughts: some of our thoughts come from the Lord, some arise from our own hearts (some of these can be true, some false), and some thoughts bashing about in our heads come from the enemy or the world. The Bible can serve as a mirror, reflecting the origin of the thoughts we have in our brain boxes. 

In Christian meditation, we use both prayer and scripture reading to distinguish our thoughts. By understanding the source of our thoughts, we can seize on those things that are honorable, true, just, pure, lovely, things worthy of praise — these can be our focus, and all the rest we discard as rubbish. What remains are the kinds of God-inspired thoughts that reflect His nature, and these can become the raw material for developing the thoughts we have about God, ourselves, others, and the world around us.  

And we do this all relationally, with Jesus, in prayer and meditation. We can ask Him, "What do You think about this…because whatever You're thinking, I want to think that too." We can think with Jesus, aligning our thoughts with what He thinks, so we can become just like Him; minds renewed, hearts open, love pouring out toward this lovely city.

"Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth."
// Colossians 3:2