Christ for Me // Grace Cowey

Pastor Josh spoke on Sunday of Christ as our rescuer, who is 100% for us. No one would consciously doubt this message; after all, there is no greater proof of our value to Him than His slain body. But how different would our lives look if we truly believed God was for us, entirely on our side?  

How many of us believe that in 90% of our circumstances He is on our side – and still there is a whisper from the worst places of our hearts, an insidious suspicion that the life God wants for us is somehow less than the version we want for ourselves. As the years of dreaming stack up, as the tears and disappointments and leaps of faith and sacrifices pile on top of each other, the suspicion that Christ isn’t entirely on our side remains.  

That 10% of doubt is fueled by fear. Nothing undermines faith quite like fear, especially in areas where we’ve experienced pain or disappointment. The places in our lives where we’ve felt the most hurt, where we fear we have the most to lose are the areas that bring out our most futile attempts at self-rescue. Knowing that our strength isn’t enough to save our drowning bodies only makes us paddle harder, more desperate to propel ourselves to safety rather than trust in His protection. 

In Christ we find the antidote to this fear, and unequivocal proof that He is entirely for us. Christ is God made visible – He is so firmly on our side that He transformed into our flesh, inhabited our world, subjected himself to our temptations, experienced our disappointments, died our deaths, paid for our sins with Himself. He has done all He needs to do to prove that He is for us, even allowing us to touch for ourselves the wounds in His flesh. All He asks us to do is believe Him and enjoy Him, because He is for us.