This city is filled with the lost: people who are trying to forge their own paths towards their dreams, trying to fulfill the incessant longings of their hearts. Somewhere on the quest to attain what we believe are our deepest desires, we find ourselves lost – maybe not describing ourselves as such, but with words like ‘sadness’ and ‘depression’. Maybe we feel like life stands in the way of achieving dreams that now feel impossible. Maybe we’ve achieved everything we ever set out to achieve and still feel a sense of emptiness, a ‘gut-level sadness’. The Bible tells us that a life separate from Christ is a life which is lost, a life without hope.   

The lost are of paramount importance to God. Ps Jon Tyson spoke on Sunday of the ways that Christ seeks, saves and celebrates those lives which are in deepest need of Him, and challenged us as a church to do the same.

Jesus came for those who are lost: the ones who don't have it figured out. He is more than just the Savior of our sins. He is the One to bring us into the fullness of relationship with Him. Only in Christ do we find fulfillment of the desires God planted in our hearts when He was forming us (Psalm 139:13-16). Through Him, we find salvation and purpose, and paramount obligation to focus on the lost with the love and devotion He has shown us.