There are times when we feel stagnant in our faith—unable to pray, resistant to reading the word, going through the motions of ‘doing church’ and being ‘Christians’, but we grumble and complain because we are weary, our spirits crushed and we feel heavy. This is not what God has intended for us; when we feel this way, it is because we have misinterpreted His nature and His thoughts towards us.

In today’s culture, it’s so easy to become absorbed with the notion of self and the practice of self-examination. The message of how Christ transforms us inwardly can be misconstrued as an idea that knowing Christ is a way of getting to our own personal agendas, when in fact knowing Him is understanding a completely different agenda altogether. We have become so egotistical and narcissistic in our faith, so self-focused on God’s work in our lives, that we often neglect our calling and obligation to build His kingdom. 

Pastor Josh shared a very challenging message about refocusing on this vision, making sure that we have not put idols in our hearts—wanting the ‘God toys’ and His blessings, but not God himself.  As I reflect on Sunday's message, I realize the profound readjustment needed in my own perception and understanding of Christianity, and the need to graduate from a naive way of knowing Him and walking out my faith.

When we reach the end of ourselves, we need a bigger engine in our spirit than just ourselves. It is imperative for our faith that we empty our hearts of worldly mindsets piled up, knowing that when we ask God to fill us with His spirit, if we are full with other things He is unable to pour into us. 

Just like Abram, God calls us out of our tent of insecurities, our tent of small-minded thinking, hurt feelings, grudges and skepticism to look at the bigger picture; to see His vision.